MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Two key players for the Miami Dolphins are looking forward to a season that may be unlike anything we have ever seen.

Fins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick looks like a man who hasn’t had a haircut in months because, well, he hasn’t. His trademark beard is even thicker.

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“Ever since they shut down barber shops. There’s really only two people in the country that I trust to touch this thing,” he said.

Fitzpatrick and his more manicured teammate Davon Godcheaux talked about life as a Miami Dolphin waiting out the COVID-19 pandemic.

For Fitzpatrick, it has meant more quality time for his family of seven, while Godcheaux has been bonding with his bicycle.

“You know, it’s actually been a good time just to get away from everything else and reconnect with everybody and just be with family and enjoy each other,” Fitzpatrick said.

“But I’ve been doing like, you know, 20, 25 miles. The most I’ve done so far was 38.6 miles. It’s a great exercise man. And this is after like, this is after my Pete Bommarito weight lift, my Pete Bommarito conditioning,” Godcheaux said.

itzpatrick knows the Dolphins intend for Tua Tung-oh-vy-loah to be their quarterback of the future. The 37-year old veteran, who was team MVP last season, looks forward to being a mentor, but makes it clear he’s not ready to give up his starting gig just yet.

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“I’m as competitive as they come, so I want to go out there and start. In order for our team to be successful, whoever’s playing, that quarterback room has to be successful. So whether that’s me out there doing everything I can to put the team in a position to win or whether that’s somebody else, you know, be it Tua, that is out there doing it. I’m gonna do the best I can to help him,” Fitzpatrick said.

Football pundits are giving the Dolphins high marks for their offseason overhaul of 11 draft picks and 11 free agents.

Godcheaux is encouraged, but cautious.

“I’m not the type to say the Dolphins about to go 16 and 0. I mean, it’s a process, you know. Everything looks good on paper, you still got to put the work in like everyone else,” he said.

Like everyone else, these Dolphins wonder what the football future holds as we work through this pandemic. The NFL intends to play this season, but can enough precautions be taken to make it safe ?

“I think a lot of it for us as players, and kind of the pro mentality that we have to take, is we’re going to trust the experts. You know, whatever they say the guidelines that they set forth, we’ve got to trust them because we know they’re going to err on the side of caution,” Fitzpatrick said.

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