MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Known for hosting big events such as super bowls, wine festivals, and concerts, a new survey indicates the South Florida events industry will be feeling the effects of COVID-19 for the foreseeable future.

Event planner Wayne Labush says, “When we got to the hard facts and reality it really translates to 60-80% revenue loss for the events industry in the next nine months.”

Labush operates the ESG Group, they plan and produce large and small events. He commissioned a survey involving 1,300 respondents.

The survey asks, “When things are back to normal, if you are invited to a wedding or special event with over 100 guests would you feel safe?

A month after only 31.9% would feel safe, after 3-6 months only 27.4% and 27.9% said they were not sure when they would feel safe.

Labush says, “When you look at public events whether a wine festival or concert there is a certain dollar amount that makes sense to produce it, so if they can’t get attendees to produce that event, so what the by-product?”

The by-product? Job impact for event workers and vendors.

How about big events?

The story is the same, according to the survey.

“An event of 500 such as a concert, or corporate party? Respondents said: I have no worries only 23%. Would wait 3 months, 27.8%, and it would be over a year before I go, only 22.9%.”

Labush says, “The survey was done to check the psychology of people as to when they would be comfortable to attend events.”

When would that be? The survey reveals the obvious:

Would answers change if there was a vaccine for COVID-19? Yes, 63.5%. No, 36.5%.

“…And do people trust that vaccine? How long does it take to not only know about the vaccine but the comfort and confidence to take it?” Labush said.

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