By Lissette Gonzalez

MIAMI (CBAMiami) — Another day, another round of thunderstorms. Wednesday’s storms are expected to be a little less long lived and occur mainly mid to late afternoon.

Highs will climb to around 90 degrees before the rain rolls in.

Although the Storm prediction center is not forecasting severe weather, some storms could turn strong.

There is the potential for heavy downpours, localized flooding, lightning and gusty winds.

Wednesday night lows will be warm and humid with low to mid 70s with the potential for spotty storms.

Thursday will be similar with the chance of scattered storms in the afternoon.

On Friday the rain chance will begin to decrease as the winds shift out of the East.  There will be a transition in the weather pattern causing more morning showers and afternoon sunshine over the weekend due to the onshore flow. And highs will not be as hot in the upper 80s on Saturday, Sunday and through Memorial Day.

Lissette Gonzalez