By Hank Tester

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Open for business.

Robert Is Here is a South Florida institution, a famous tropical fruit stand that draws tourists and regulars from far and wide.

After being in operation for decades, it shut down seven weeks ago in response to the coronavirus crisis.

“It scared me, my family because I am over 65 and they said 65 and older got to stay home. The other employees got terrified and did not want to be out here, so we figured we’d just close it up,” said Robert Moehiling.

Bored with inactivity, Moehling said it occurred to him and his sons that they could get going again by applying a familiar concept to their rural walk up fruit stand.

Yep, the operation which is known for its personal one-on-one service, mango milkshakes, and a wide variety of vegetables, has been turned into a drive-thru.

They set up a couple of tents, computers and cash registers just south of the main building in the middle of one of the cornfields.

Drivers simply order what they want, pay, and pull forward.

“I was so happy to see them open today and be able to support the farmers,” said one customer.

“As soon as Dade county lifts the restrictions I will allow light traffic in the store because we need that interaction and that is what makes me happy,” said Moehling.