By Ted Scouten

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Beginning next Monday, if you’re on a JetBlue flight, you along with all of the passengers and crew on board will be required to wear a face mask.

It’s a move many applaud. “I believe that is something you should do,” said Joshua Ovalles who just arrived on a flight from Philadelphia.

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“It keeps people comfortable,” he said.

Already, many people are wearing masks, and more from the moment they step foot into the airport.

Elias Richardson pointed out the personal protection equipment he was wearing.

“My gloves,” he said, “I have my jackets on, my mask. I have sanitizer and just where ever I go I wash my hands, even sanitize my gloves, just in case.”

Richard Kelly is about to board a flight. He digs through his carry on bag to show his protective equipment.

“What I have here is, I packed an entire set of gloves I can use this throughout the trip,” he said. “I have an entire packet of alcohol wipes.”

We spoke to just one person who said if she’s required to wear a mask, she’ll find another airline.

“Then I won’t fly them anymore!” Maria said. “I don’t think I need a mask, if you feel safe with a mask, like my own children, I let them wear it, I don’t need a mask,” she said.

Airports across South Florida are nearly empty, at FLL in terminal 3 we saw just a handful of people.

It’s the same at normally bustling MIA, barely anyone was walking around or checking into flights.

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Outside, it’s quiet too, with next to no cars pulling up to the terminal.

In fact, passenger counts at both airports are down 95 percent.

On a normal day, Miami International has 900 flights. Monday it was just 127, up one from Sunday’s total of 126.

“This move by JetBlue shows that passengers are reluctant right now to get on a plane with strangers, either because they can catch something from strangers or give something to strangers,” said Airline Industry analyst Seth Kaplan.

He said JetBlue’s move makes sense.

“We can’t go to grocery stores at this point without wearing a mask, why should we be sitting for hours next to a stranger, very close to a stranger, certainly much closer than 6 feet without that person wearing a mask,” he asked.

American Airlines, Delta, and United will require flight attendants to wear masks and encourage passengers to do the same, even having masks on hand if someone needs one.

Southwest encourages crew and passengers to wear a face cover but does not require it.

Delta and JetBlue are also limiting capacity to allow for social distancing.

All airlines say they’re evaluating the situation and will make any changes where they need to.

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