This Sunday’s edition of “Facing South Florida with Jim DeFede” focused heavily on ICE and the controversy surrounding whether to release some of the detainees currently being held in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

DeFede first spoke with Jessica Schneider, an attorney for Americans for Immigrant Justice, about what’s happening inside the detention centers.

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“The situation is pretty dire. People are terrified, they are afraid for their lives,” she said. “Imagine not having any control over your own health and well-being.”

Following his conversation with Schneider, DeFede spoke with former ICE Director John Sandweg.

While Schneider’s concern was about the detainees, Sandweg focused on agent protection.

“The way in which ICE handles this gives me a lot of concern, beginning first with the safety of the officers,” he said. “I’m deeply concerned that by refusing by taking some common sense steps to shrink the population down, we’ve really created a situation where we risk a lot of exposure to employees.”

DeFede continued the conversation on detainees with Analleli and Paulino Gallegos.

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Analleli shared her father’s story, who spent weeks in a South Florida detention center before being released.

Watch DeFede’s interviews with Jessica Schneider and John Sandweg in the video player above.

Watch DeFede’s interview Analleli  and Paulino Gallegos in the video player below.


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