FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – One by one, Broward Sheriff patrol vehicles from each division arrived at headquarters to get more supplies to take back to deputies and staff.

On Friday, 20-thousand masks went out. This is the latest shipment received by the sheriff’s office.

Sheriff Gregory Tony said they’re handing out the PPE’s or Personal Protection Equipment as soon as they get it. He said they’re in good shape.

“We already pushed out 25,000 high-quality N95 masks in conjunction with 45,000 surgical masks. It’s my goal to not become complacent. We’ve spent over 1.3 million dollars on equipment and I am will to spend another 10 if that is necessary,” he said.

This latest disbursement comes just a few days after the sheriff defended his agency’s preparedness. The president of the Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association, Local 6020, said deputies have been complaining to him that they do not have enough equipment in the field.

“It sounds to me that the sheriff’s office is in defensive mode right now. They’re trying to solve the problem with smoke and mirrors, with bait and switch, for what’s been going on,” said association President Jeff Bell.

The sheriff said he distributes this equipment as soon as he gets it in and plans to do it once a week.

Ted Scouten