MIAMI (CBSMiami) – It’s not just the average Joe posting workout videos all over social media.

Professional athletes are trying to cope with the quarantine life during the coronavirus outbreak by staying active and ready in the event their respective sports do come back. Some are posting their in-home workouts online.

From Miami Heat all-star Jimmy Butler showing different stretching routines to Florida Panthers center Aleksander Barkov shooting toilet paper rolls.

While their seasons are on hold, football players usually take this time of the year to get ready for training camp.

Miami Dolphins safety Adrian Colbert is confined to his high rise apartment with a small makeshift gym on his balcony that includes some weights, a medicine ball, and most importantly for him his Peleton bike.

“This is my way of social distancing and staying active,” he said.

He said Dolphins trainers have sent them more workouts than usual because their weight rooms and fields are closed down. He added that the guys have had to get creative.

“I feel like I’m back in high school. Because I remember back in the high school days, the workouts weren’t as complex, now I’m going back to drills that I use to do back in the day. It’s fun and it puts you in that, from the ground up mentality.”

Colbert got the ideal about jumping on a home bike from former teammate and five-time Pro Bowl-er Richard Sherman.

“I remember Sherm doing cardio on the bike a lot last year. So I was like man, he just balled out, he’s one of the goats, so I might as well implement this to one of my regimes,” he said.

While Colbert rides from his home, he can see the stadium he’s called home since his University of Miami days.

“The stadium man, I see 0pportunity just to be great!” he said.

Over the last 30 days, Colbert has burned close to seven thousand calories. He’s not going it alone either.

He video chats with friends during rides and posts his rides on social media. Connecting to the outside world while preparing for the season, if there is is one, as best he can.

“The Miami Dolphins just got better today,” he said.

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