MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Did you receive that public service alert from Miami-Dade County Friday afternoon? Mayor Carlos Gimenez says the alert may have caused some confusion.

In a late afternoon update, Gimenez says, “You may have received a public service alert on your phones this afternoon urging all residents to remain in their homes except for essential activities. Please don’t panic. That was not the intent of that alert. Apparently our Emergency Operations Center pushed this through without my direction. This may have caused some confusion. During these difficult times, our emergency center is working hard to keep everyone informed. They may have gone a little overboard.”

The Mayor says he gave the EOC “clear directions so this doesn’t happen again. Nevertheless, let me stress, you all should be staying home unless you have essential business to do. Again, the message is safer at home.”

Earlier Friday, Gimenez signed an Executive Order that requires all essential businesses that remain open to visibly mark their floor or have some other visible means to alert people to stay six feet apart.

Essential businesses include construction sites, restaurant pick-up windows, convenience stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations.

He says Miami-Dade police have checked 1,676 businesses since Thursday and found 30 were non-compliant.

“They were given instructions to make sure they are practicing social distancing or else,” said the Mayor. If they don’t comply, they’ll be shutdown.

The Safer at Home order was issued Thursday.

Mayor Gimenez urges everyone to continue to take personal responsibility. Everyone should act as if they are infected with COVID-19 and remain at home as much as possible to avoid transmitting this virus.

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