By Mike Cugno

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – With social distancing the new normal due to the coronavirus, how can one keep busy? Well, there might be more things to do than you think.

Between retail and school closures, adults and kids are searching for ways to safely ride out the outbreak. Places like Dadeland Mall are a ghost town. But the key may be fresh air.

“The zoo is open. We have very limited service available to us. The mayor just wanted to have a place if people had to get out – that would enable them to get out without having congestion,” said Zoo Miami Communications Director Ron Magill.

At Zoo Miami, the animals are open for business. The interactive exhibits are closed, but it’s still an option for families who are looking to practice social distancing while getting fresh air.

“All of the buildings within the zoo are closed. There’s no interaction, there’s no giraffe feeding, there’s no tram, there’s no monorail,” Magill said. “Basically, what you have is a walking path through the zoo so you can see the exhibits. The zoo is large enough so you can keep your social distance.”

Despite the limitations, getting out of the house was enough for zoo visitor Caitlin Lyon and her family.

“Well, if they had to keep cooped up inside of the house, they’d go crazy,” said Lyon. “So we try to do everything that we can to get outside.”

The social distancing rules apply for parks in Miami-Dade and Broward. Things like walking around and biking are permitted, but follow the CDC guidelines for washing your hands.

Other functions of the parks are closed. That means pools, athletic programs and venue rentals are all off the table.

That said, there is one major park closed. Broward’s CB Smith Park, because of its size, may be used for emergency services.

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Gym doors are also closed, but some in the fitness community are determined to not only stay in shape but socialize.

“I work at Hana Yoga and Soul Yoga. I teach in both studios. And as you know, both studios are closed now because of what’s going on,” said Mimi Ghandour.

While her studios might be closed, she’s opening her own home to fellow yogis and offering virtual workout options.

“The online is virtual, it’s on your iPad, on your computer, on your phone it is virtual. I started offering these classes yesterday,” she explained.

Restaurants in Coconut Grove are trying to rally as well, but empty sidewalks and closed signs line what was once a busy street.

Local business owners are now hoping the community will support their business.

“We’ve done our bio-safety cleaning. We’ve had sanitization come every night,” said Lokal General Manager Jacob Lindsay. “So we’re just trying to do what we can to support the community and be hopeful that the community supports us.”

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