MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The Better Business Bureau said it is receiving a growing number of coronavirus-related complaints.

“Unfortunately, scammers are opportunists, so during a crisis is exactly when we see scams,” warns Katherine Hutt with the BBB.

The BBB said complaints are coming mostly from people who tried to buy masks but didn’t receive their order.

“There are a lot of reports coming in now about fake masks sites that either don’t have masks at all and are just ripping you off, or are selling sub-standard masks,” Hutt said.

Finding the real deal can come at a cost. A new report from U.S. PIRG examined prices on Amazon for masks and hand sanitizer and found some products going for 50-230% higher than normal.

Authorities warn hackers are trying to use the outbreak to infect your computer.

The Secret Service said criminals are sending out emails that appear to be from a health organization with an attachment claiming to have important coronavirus information.

“Clicking on links in an email is particularly dangerous. It could be downloading malware onto your computer and then it can take its time to scan your computer and find your bank account information, credit card information, passwords, things like that,” Hutt said.

She said criminals are also using social media to set up fake charities in hopes of cashing in on coronavirus.

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