By Peter D'Oench

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A North Miami man who was accused of trying to lure youngsters into his car by promising them money faces additional charges of attempted kidnapping.

Jackson Etienne, 49, returned to bond court in Miami facing the new charges.

He is now charged in at least three cases in which youngsters claimed while Etienne was driving around in his Nissan Altima, he offered anywhere from $6 to $40 if the children would get in his car.

At least two cases happened near Sabal Palm Elementary School at 17101 N.E. 7th Avenue and at least one case happened near John F. Kennedy Middle School at 1075 N.E. 167th St.

While Etienne has been in jail for a few weeks, an 11th-grade student named Rose told CBS4’S Peter D’Oench that she recognized Etienne’s photograph and will not forget his face.

Rose said Etienne tried to lure her into his car.

“He called me over to his car,” she said. “That was a couple of weeks ago. I was going to school. I kept on walking. I didn’t think anything of it or know about any of the other cases. That’s why I didn’t contact police. He didn’t say anything to me. He just went like this. I think this is terrible. This is scary. You should stay away from people like that. If you don’t know them. Stay away.”

An arrest report said in one case, a victim said: “The red Nissan Altima continued to follow her on the way to school, while continuously offering her $40 and persistently asked and terrorized her to get in his car.”

Parents and grandparents of students said they were appalled by the charges.

B.T. Child, a grandparent of a student at Sabal Palm Elementary, said “That’s a bad thing what he is accused of doing. We can’t have people acting like predators with kids. I feel bad. I have kids and grandkids and we can’t allow that.”

Another woman named Gertha who has a child at the school said, “This is scary and we can’t allow this. I tell my children to be careful.”

Tammy Smith of Northeast Miami-Dade said “Kids have to be careful. Tell them if there is anything they suspect about strangers, tell an adult. You can never be too careful.

The reports showed an apparent common denominator in all of the case and that is the persistence of the suspect in trying to get youngsters to get in his car. Police say if you know of any other victims you should call them.

D’Oench also stopped by the home of Etienne and noticed that the suspect’s Nissan Altima was outside. No one answered a knock at the front door.

Peter D'Oench