By Carey Codd

BROWARD (CBSMiami) – Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony has a knack for being in the right place at the right time.

On Tuesday night Tony was driving home in Coral Springs when the car in front of him at a red light failed to move when the light turned green. Tony honked his horn and other drivers did, too, and the car still didn’t move. Tony then thought something might be wrong.

“My instincts kicked in,” Tony said. “Something doesn’t feel right. Let me check it out.”

Tony put on his tactical vest and approached the vehicle. Tony said he found the driver of a Cadillac slumped over in his car.

“He wasn’t breathing,” Tony said. “There was no rise or fall of his chest cavity. There was no pulse. I was gonna have to start CPR.”

The man in the driver seat was John Dillon.

John Dillon (CBS4)

Dillon told CBS 4 news that he had a reaction to some medication and passed out. He doesn’t remember what happened. Tony said he got Dillon out of his car, performed CPR on him and got Dillon breathing again but it didn’t last long.

“He stopped breathing,” Tony said. “I lost the pulse. I had to reposition him and went through several more cycles. Sure enough he started breathing and got a faint pulse once again.”

Paramedics arrived and rushed Dillon to the hospital. Doctors treated him and released him. Dillion admitted to having some struggles in his life and said he’s grateful that he has a second chance thanks to Sheriff Tony.

“I’m incredibly grateful,” Dillon said. “I’m incredibly grateful and I would love to shake the guys hand and hug him and thank him. I’m glad he was there. I think maybe it was my time to die and the sheriff of Broward County saved my life.”

This isn’t the first time Tony has jumped into the line of duty since becoming Broward County Sheriff.

A few months ago he was heading to a Broward County Commission meeting when he noticed a commotion, chased down a shoplifter and arrested him. Tony said he trains as hard as ever and maintains his certifications. Tony used to work as a Sergeant at Coral Springs Police and even though he’s now the Sheriff of Broward County, Tony said he’s still a cop at heart.

“I’ll keep doing this as long as I wear a star on my chest,” Tony said.