MIAMI (CBSMiami/CNN) – A documentary about the Parkland tragedy and its aftermath will be screened in theaters nationwide, just two days before we mark two years since that horrible day.

It’s called “After Parkland” and focuses on the survivors moving forward with their lives, all while remembering the lives lost that day.

Seventeen people were killed in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. The survivors tell their stories as they move forward.

“You have no idea what it feels to get back home, and not have your son here,” said Manuel Oliver who lost his son Joaquin in the shooting. “Our main goal here is to show who Joaquin is.”

Journalists Jake Lefferman and Emily Taguchi went to Parkland to cover the shooting, then stayed.

“As soon as we started meeting with families and meeting with students, we were struck by, um, that so many were able to really articulate, um, their experiences and seemed to understand why it was important for them to share their stories,” said Lefferman.

The directors say “After Parkland” is not an advocacy documentary.

“We wanted to be much more observational, um, and to tell the story about what it looks like to wake up that next day,” said Taguchi.

For Joaquin’s parents, Manuel and Patricia, waking up each day means telling his story.

“We need to be reminders. Don’t feel bad about us. Feel bad about yourself not being able to do something to prevent this from happening,” said Manuel Oliver.

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