KEY WEST (CBSMiami) – A wanted Key West graffiti vandal who loved to boast about his crimes on social media is now under arrest.

Brandon Joseph Mims, 29, is charged with 18 counts of misdemeanor criminal mischief, two felony counts of criminal mischief, six counts of burglary and one misdemeanor marijuana charge.

According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Mims is known for spray-painting the name “Cyne” all over the Lower Keys and Key West for the last several years, including Naval Air Station Key West.

Some of the vandalism Mims is accused of spray-painting in the Lower Keys. (Courtesy: Monroe County Sheriff’s Office)

He also used grease pencils to leave his mark and placed hundreds of “Cyne” stickers on public and private property.

“I had an immediate interest in the arrest and prosecution of whomever was behind these cases of blatant vandalism,” said Sheriff Rick Ramsay. “What this suspect did is not art. It is vandalism, plain and simple. Defacing someone else’s property is a crime. As I’ve said many times, I firmly believe that cleaner, safer streets result in cleaner, safer communities. This agency is committed to keeping our neighborhoods clean for that reason. To those who condone this suspects’ actions, I say: vandalism will never be tolerated in the Florida Keys as long as I am Sheriff.”

Detective Ken Fricke arrests Brandon Joseph Mims on Feb. 11 at Monroe County Sheriff’s Office headquarters on Stock Island. (Courtesy: Monroe County Sheriff’s Office)

Detectives issued a search warrant for his social media networks and reviewed more than 42,000 pages posted by Mims. Mims openly admitted to the vandalism in many cases. In one Instagram post, Mims posted a map of how he illegally entered Naval Air Station Key West property and vandalized one of their buildings.

Some of the vandalism Mims is accused of spray-painting in the Lower Keys. (Courtesy: Monroe County Sheriff’s Office)

Sheriff Ramsey says the cost of cleaning up after Mims, over the years, has likely cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars and he wants Mims to pay for it in restitution.

Bond for Mims was set at $62,000 and his arraignment is scheduled for Feb. 20.

Police say Mims has no adult criminal history in Monroe County, however the former U.S. Army soldier, was found not guilty of murder in Fayetteville, North Carolina in 2013 in the 2011 shotgun shooting death of Michael Ray Staggs.