By Jim Berry

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Radio row was buzzing Thursday as the media along with former and current NFL players packed the Miami Beach Convention Center with one singular focus: Talking Super Bowl 54.

CBS4’s Jim Berry took a stroll through the center, which was adorned with banners from Super Bowls past.

Berry’s first stop was a chat with former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Jerome Bettis.

Bettis has his metaphorical money on the Kansas City Chiefs – though he’s not all that confident about the pick.

“Man, I love Andy Reid, I’m rooting for Andy. So I want the Chiefs to win,” he said. “But I tell you what, San Francisco is the most complete team here. If they play anywhere close to their full capability, they are gonna win the game.”

Berry then caught up with brothers Jason and Devin McCourty, who both play for the Patriots.

The twins were split on their picks, but that might just be the brotherly stubbornness talking.

“I’m gonna go with Kansas City,” Devin said.

“I’ll go with the 49ers, I don’t like to agree with him,” Jason followed up.

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Despite his spiteful 49ers selection, Jason is aware that Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is the real deal.

“Oh, he is the truth. There’s no looks like, he is the truth,” he said. “But the 49ers have a defense and I think they’re gonna have something to say about it.”

Devin came to the aid of the Chiefs D, which has mightily improved since last season.

“I think Kansas City’s defense is getting a little overlooked,” he said. “I think the emergence of how Tyrann Mathieu has played and then Chris Jones in the middle, I think, gives them a great chance to still play really good defense.”

While twins disagreeing isn’t uncommon, it was former NFL linebacker Bill Romanowski’s opinion that surprised Berry.

Romanowski, a San Francisco 49er through and through, said he is picking the Chiefs because of Mahomes.

Jim Berry