FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – A Broward trapper’s post of the 40 iguanas she captured last week during our cold snap has gone viral.

Over two million people reacted to her post of iguanas who had been stunned by the cold weather.

“We trappers are able to take advantage of them falling out of trees, and catching them on the ground, which is better because they don’t have to be caught in traps or nooses or anything like that,” said Jessica Kilgore, a trapper for Iguana Solutions. “So they can’t injure us as trappers or injure themselves.”

Kilgore says comments ranged from anger over the iguanas being tied up to curiosity over what happens to the lizards. Per Florida state law, they have to be humanely euthanized. From there, the bodies can be used for a number of things.

Kilgore says people of Hispanic and Caribbean cultures will eat her catches.

“They want to tell you how they cook iguanas and they eat eggs and how they heal the sick in your families,” said Kilgore.

Called “Garrobo,” ads for iguana meat on the Facebook marketplace are popping up and catching people’s attention.

Kilgore’s not too sure about healing powers but is sure she’ll be out trapping at the next cold snap.

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