HOLLYWOOD (CBSMiami) – On the Broadwalk, it was an unusual sight, coats and hats, people were all bundled up at the beach.

“You have a variation of temperatures which is always nice, to cool off a little bit, wear your heavy clothes, get out of the shorts and the sandals then you get back in them again, said Carol Messerschmitt.

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Messerschmitt and her husband, both South Florida transplants, could tell it was cold even before they stepped outside of their beachfront property.

“You see not a single person, including the fishermen, were out this morning, you knew it was cold,” said Peter Messerschmitt.

For another couple, their beachside vacation from New York wasn’t going as planned.

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“It’s 40 degrees in New York City, there were people with parkas at the airport with the palm trees,” said Joe Tabacca.

Temperatures dipped into the upper 30’s and low 40’s.

“Cold, freezing I’ve got two pairs of pants on, it’s unbearable,” said Paula Santos.

The cold created another issue, people had to watch out for the falling iguanas. Across the area, people reporting the creatures were motionless, some even assuming they were dead. They weren’t. The cold-blooded reptiles were just dormant from the cold.

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However, not everyone hated the cold blast, one woman calling it “a nice change, as long as it doesn’t last long.”