MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami is getting ready to host a record eleventh Super Bowl. This means South Florida law enforcement has plenty of experience providing safety to the public, but as technology changes, so do some rules for fans.

The Super Bowl is just over two weeks away but law enforcement in Miami wants the public to know they’ve been planning for the big game, alongside other agencies, for over two years.

“We’re just putting the message out that we’re working together as public safety agencies as one team to keep them safe, while they’re here, but we can’t let our guard down and we can’t do it alone. So, if the public hears, see something, say something,” said Hector Llevat, Miami-Dade Police Chief of Communications.

In addition to official media accounts, mobile information units will be used around South Florida to get safety information out to the public.

In Miami Beach, the site of many fan events, visitors will notice a beefed-up police presence.

“Officers will be working around the clock. Extended hours. No days off. We’re talking 400 plus local Miami Beach police officers. We have the assistance of several local law enforcement agencies,” said Miami Beach police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez.

That includes the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which will be monitoring the skies around Bayfront Park and the Miami Beach Convention Center.

“We’re putting up flight restrictions that include drones. So they’ll become no drone zones from January 25 through February 1st. Then at the big game day at Hard Rock Stadium, we’ll have another flight restriction in place. A much larger robust one,” said Kevin Morris, FAA drone expert.

Fines up to $30,000 and criminal charges could be coming your way if these restrictions are not followed.

“They go from the ground up to two thousand feet around the Miami Beach Convention Center. The same for Bayfront Park.”

“There’s a much larger restriction on Super Bowl Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium. As a recreational drone flier, if you’re going to fly your drone keep it at home during super bowl week.”

The radius around Bayfront Park and the Miami Beach Convention Center will be one mile. Hard Rock Stadium’s radius extends out to 30 miles.

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