MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Just because Christmas is over, that doesn’t mean the stores won’t be packed. Round two of holiday shopping means gift returners and bargain hunters.

Stores are welcoming shoppers back looking to return those gifts that don’t fit them, they didn’t need or they simply don’t like.

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According to a consumer survey conducted by Oracle, 77 percent of people plan to return some of their holiday gifts. Nearly 20 percent say they expect to return more than half of the gifts they receive.

Every store has its own policy on returns. If you plan to return a gift, check out their policy before you head out.

“Sometimes during the holidays there is not the same return policy as it is year-round,” said Kelsey Coleman with the Better Business Bureau. “Is there a restocking fee, do they accept a refund?”

Consumer Reports suggests three tips if you do plan to return and item.

First, don’t open the box. Keep the original packaging or else retailers may charge you a restocking fee.

Keep the receipts. Having one will ensure you get a full refund, otherwise, you’ll likely get store credit.

Finally, bring your ID. Some stores use computerized return systems that detect abuse and you may be required to show identification.

UPS says returns by mail this year are expected to peak January 2nd, with nearly two million gifts being sent back.

People love a good bargain — and right now they’re snapping them up — many places offering 50 or even 75 percent off.

At the Aventura Mall, Susan Rosenfeld got there early to take advantage of the deals.

“The Victoria’s Secret sale, semi-annual sale and Sam Edelman,” she said. “They sold my boots so I bought shoes instead,” she said.

Leona Robertson was thrilled with the “after Christmas deals’ she found.  In fact, she waited for today to make her big push at the mall.

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“These [shower gels] were 75 percent off, so about like $3 per show gel,” said Robertson. “I didn’t shop too much before Christmas. Kind of a little here and there. I’m just getting the spirit now.”

Kristin Courtney was another early shopper.

“We only came early because that’s the only time my dad would drive us because he doesn’t want to be in traffic. So we weren’t here because we were ready to bang the doors down,” she said.

As for the bargains.

“I got two dresses and they’re about 75 percent off and I’m very delighted,” said Courtney.

The National Retail Federation said 68 percent of holiday consumers will shop this week. And more than a quarter of those shopping will use gift cards they got as a present

“All my family is in California, so I just have gift cards so I can do what I want,” said Tina Walter. “My mom sent me a gift card to Victoria’s Secret.”

Lastly, there are many here too who returned or exchanged a gift that just wasn’t right.

Thomas Sulithin and Stephanie Aldana exchanged some gifts that didn’t fit too well.

“A couple of things that I got her, they don’t fit her quite right so we’re looking to exchange it,” said Sulithin.

CBS4’s Ted Scouten asked if it was the style or something else she liked.

“No, no, no. It was the size. I picked the wrong size,” said Aldana.

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“Good style, I didn’t mess up on that,” said Sulithin.

Ted Scouten