MIAMI (CBSMiami) – It might just have been the cutest mini Christmas parade anyone ever saw.

Ten dogs, dressed in their holiday best, walked the red the carpet to a waiting van outside Miami Dade County Animal Services shelter where Santa was waiting behind the wheel to take them up north.

“To spread some love and joy for the holiday season,” said animal services spokeswoman Flor Beal.

All the dogs were rescues. They were suited up for a special delivery with the hope of finding a home for the holidays in New York.

“We regularly do transports up north, but of course, this is very special because it’s for the holiday season,” said Beal.

The dogs were in for a 20-hour plus drive to the One Love Pet Adoption shelter, where it’s hoped they will have a better shot at being adopted, according to Beal.

To get them all dressed up in Christmas outfits, from reindeer to Santa costumes, was quite the effort but Beal said every little bit helps to get them ‘home’ for Christmas.

“Just find a home, it’s love all the way around and what better gift for the holidays then unconditional love,” she said.

Although the 10 dogs are headed north, animal services still have 500 dogs and cats on any given day available for adoption. There is no adoption fee for cats and for dogs, the fee is waived for animals four months and older through December 31st.