Fellow Officers Allege Sgt. Roger Krege Put Them And Others In Grave DangerBy Carey Codd

SUNRISE (CBSMiami) – New details have emerged about a Sunrise police officer, facing serious charges, who fellow officers allege he put them and others in grave danger.

Sunrise Police Sgt. Roger Krege stood before a Broward County judge over the weekend, accused of abusing his authority as a police officer to commit a number of criminal offenses, including racketeering.

Krege is accused of providing secretive information about confidential informants to a media outlet, stealing a laptop for a family member and tracking a fellow police officer with a tracking device.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by CBS4 News, police say several years ago Krege took a confidential police department list that “identifies Sunrise Police confidential informant names, assigned CI Numbers, sex, race, activation and deactivation dates reflecting the informant’s use, cities and phone numbers, and their assigned detectives.”

The affidavit says the disclosure meant that ”confidential informants and the law enforcement officers working with them have been in grave danger.”

Krege is accused of providing information about the informants to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. In one instance, police say Krege gave the name of a confidential informant to someone who provided it to a journalist. “(Krege) knew that (redacted) was going to identify the confidential informant to the reporter, thus putting the informant’s life in grave danger.”

The arrest report says “Krege was intent on gathering confidential and personal information and disclosing it even when doing so created a safety risk to civilians and other officers.”

It was Krege’s access to the IT department that facilitated the crime, investigators wrote. Krege is accused of taking the document from a police department secure database at a secure location with “only pass-key access and alarm code entry to the physical building.”

The disclosure forced the Sunrise Police VIN (Vice, Intelligence, Narcotics) Unit to end their operations, close an off-site facility and relocate for the safety of people involved.

The arrest report says Krege’s actions were disclosed by Krege’s ex-wife, who told police “that her husband Roger Krege, had brought the documents home” where it “was recovered from a personal safe located within (Krege’s) home.”

Sunrise Police say Krege also stole a laptop from the police department. The arrest report says “Roger Krege brought this laptop home and gave it to their daughter for her personal use because he could not afford to buy her a laptop.”

Krege is also accused of running unauthorized drivers license checks on co-workers, family and himself. “(H)e conducted 8 impermissible queries of names and/or vehicle license plate numbers of co-workers, family members and himself” through the computer system “in violation of the rules and regulations.” Investigators say Krege covered it up by having official Sunrise Police Department documents falsified.

Finally, police say Krege tracked the movements of a fellow Sunrise police officer with a tracking device on a police car. The arrest report says “the tracker was placed on (redacted’s) assigned patrol vehicle on March 6, 2015 while it was parked in the secure parking lot behind the police station.”

The arrest report does not reveal the name of the officer who was tracked or exactly why Krege is alleged to have tracked them.

CBS4 News reached out to Krege’s lawyer for comment but we did not hear back from him on Monday. Right now, Krege is on unpaid leave from the police department and it appears that he bonded out of jail.

Krege began his career with Sunrise Police in 2001 and even served for a time as president of the police department’s Fraternal Order of Police lodge. The police department said in a statement, “It is important for the citizens of the City of Sunrise and the State of Florida to know that the Sunrise Police Department holds it officers to the highest standard of professionals, and will investigate any criminal conduct with integrity and diligence.”