By Ty Russell

MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) – Many may know it as the future home of “Gronk Beach” Super Bowl Weekend. But before Super Bowl champ Rob Gronkowski’s announcement, the North Beach Bandshell had already been responsible for attracting musical talents from all over the world.

“We have played some part in bringing attention to this area. Definitely, the consistent programming here has brought the community together,” James Quinlan said.

Quinlan is the director of the Rhythm Foundation.

“It’s a new era for us in North Beach. The bandshell is the center of North Beach,” he said.

The Rhythm Foundation is a nonprofit that Miami Beach leaders hired to manage the day-to-day at the near 60-year-old venue. They’ve been doing it for four years to try to breathe new life into the place.

“As the older generation that were the original dancers passed on or left the area, there was a lower period,” he said.

Since then, they’ve seen roughly 80 events a year attracting families and tourists to Collins Avenue and 73rd Street.

There’s salsa, opera, orchestras, and reggae events just to name a few. But there are also socials mixed with neighbors and restaurants that happens in Bandshell Park and what’s known as the beach bowl next to the venue.

“We encourage the community to come in and sit at community tables and talk and get to know each other,” Quinlan said.

Not only has the venue gotten a facelift, but so has the surrounding area. Quinlan credits the venue for bringing more foot traffic and therefore more business and homes.

“The young families coming in, literally from all over the world and finding this to be a great home, he said. “There’s also a number of new cultural facilities coming to North beach and residential opportunities. So, I see this has been a period of planning and now the realizing of those plans is coming about in this next era.”

This is the only bandshell left in Miami Beach, giving shops, restaurants and neighbors a one of a kind place to gather.

Because of the increase in events and growing popularity, a canopy will be installed in January and there’s a plan for new seats.

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Ty Russell