By Ted Scouten

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Coral Gables police have arrested a would-be burglar because of an alert neighbor who saw something and said something.

A neighbor saw a man in the backyard of a home on the other side of the canal from her. She got on the phone with 911 while recording it all on her cell phone.

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“There is a male subject attempting to break into the home,” explained Coral Gable Police Officer Kelly Denham. “So she is doing the right thing and calling 911 to get people out there on scene as quickly as possible.”

In the caller’s video, you can see the suspect on the patio.

Investigators say he tried to use grilling tongs to get in the back door. When that didn’t work we see him head toward the dock.

By this time, police were already on the way, thanks to that alert neighbor.

“Tell the officer he’s on the dock,” the caller told police in real-time.

When police arrived, she continues to lead officers right to him. “There he goes. I see the cop. Tell him to go to the left,” she directs.

“She’s video-taping, she’s giving us a blow by blow,” Officer Denham said.

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“When our officer, his K-9 show up and another officer, about directing us down by the dock and you can see in the video the subject walks down to the dock.”

The suspect is Byron Drink. He was captured after investigators say he dove into the canal, trying to get away.

He didn’t get far before swimming ashore and turning himself in, then ending up before a judge.

“You’ve been charged with a felony count of burglary of an unoccupied structure,” the judge told him.

Police say this is a great example of “when you see something, say something…” “It went perfectly as it should be, textbook,” said Denham.

She said it’s especially important as we begin the holiday shopping season and can expect more package deliveries.

“This woman listened to her instincts, contacted us, let us know what was going on and stayed on the phone, did her part and she really could have prevented further crimes from happening,” Denham said.

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Drink is being held without bond because of other warrants. Police say he’s been arrested more than 40 times.

Ted Scouten