By Frances Wang

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) — A Broward College student with a passion for aviation is sharing that passion with other young people at Broward College in order to give them the tools they need to achieve goals he has yet to realize himself.

Students working inside a Broward College hangar are working toward a career in aviation maintenance.

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They are learning to repair and assemble aircraft engines in a full time two-year program.

Davidson Nzekwe-Daniel gained his interest in planes when he was a child in his home country of Nigeria.

“I used to be fascinated about how aircraft fly, how they work, I wanted to know how these lovely machines fly.”

Davidson Nzekwe-Daniel

He studied aerospace engineering in Great Britain before he realized he wanted a more hands on type of job, and saw the potential for mechanics.

“There is a lot you can benefit from being an aviation professional. Most certificated mechanics start between $50,000 to $60,000 a year, then that goes up in the next four to five years in the $100’s.”

An estimated 754,000 new aircraft maintenance technicians will be needed in the next two decades. However, to get a job you have to pass FAA enforced certifications.

“You have to pass this test before you can touch an aircraft; every aircraft mechanic needs an A and P certificate or license. I struggled when I was taking the test, the program is long and intensive, you get to learn a lot but the curriculum for testing is very concise it’s not as much as what you learn. I had to try and try again before I succeeded,” explained Davidson.

Once he passed the first certification, he knew he had to help others.

“I’m a proponent of ‘once you get it you have to give it back’. There is that satisfaction that comes when you play an integral role in the success of others. That’s why I created this mentoring platform to help students reinforce those specific skills.”

It is a prep course called “Curriculum Practical Training” which breaks down the test in a practical way.

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Jung Yeol An is one of the 25 students to participate.

Davidson Nzekwe-Daniel and Jung Yeol An

“Because I am from South Korea, and my English is not perfect to get the A &P license I need to pass oral and practical test,” he said. “Davidson told me how to solve the problem when I finished the program I felt prepared for that he was so helpful.”

Davidson hopes to see this no cost curriculum expand, for Broward College and beyond. Rest assured he has made an impact already.

Jung Yeol An secured a job as engine assembler at GE Aviation in Indiana.

“I was so happy I called Davidson who helped me a lot told him the good news and that I really appreciate his help,” Yeol An says.

Davidson finishes the course in December, setting his sights on a similar job. He is fueled by a passion and admiration for this industry.

“Many groundbreaking inventions or feats, achieved by man in the common era has been powered by aviation.”

Broward College has a waiting list for entry to this program and plans to expand it.

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