MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A father and mother want the Opa-locka Police Department to punish one of their officers.

They say a police detective entered their apartment face covered, holding a gun and they say what is most disturbing of all, is that it all happened in front of their young child.

They posted video of what happened on Facebook last Thursday afternoon.

“He kept telling the person to come out but nobody was here,” said Stephanie Crespo.

The man who recorded the video says the detective entered his apartment without a warrant.

“How he handled the situation was just like he tried to force his authority on us. Like, he snatched the phone and I was trying to record him. As he was going out the door he kind of snatched the phone,” said Jeffrey Byron.

The chief says police were at the apartment complex along NW 22nd Avenue near Opa-locka Boulevard to check on a Crime Stoppers tip.

The caller claimed there was a person with a chrome handgun threatening people and asking for money.

“The door was already open because we heard a loud noise about two doors down,” Byron said.

The chief says the caller also gave Crime Stoppers a description of the person in question.

Police admit no apartment number was given.

Now, this couple wants the detective punished.

“It’s just him that needs to because he was like too aggressive,” said Byron.

Byron says thankfully there was another officer there who he knew how to help with the situation.

The police chief and the city manager will hold a news conference at 11 a.m. on Wednesday to address this situation.

Police say there is an internal investigation.

Ty Russell