DORAL(CBSMIAMI) — A Doral police detective has been relieved of duties amid serious questions about what happened to his damaged police lease car that was found last weekend at the Dolphin Mall.

CBS4’s Peter D’Oench has learned that Doral police are troubled by this case and are even working with prosecutors.

According to a Sweetwater police incident report, it was 9:27 a.m. on Sunday when the 2019 Chrysler 300 was discovered at the Dolphin Mall with its windows closed and door locked and “left front wheel and tire damage.”

A security officer at the mall had alerted a patrolling Sweetwater officer who observed, “I then saw a grey Chrysler 300 that was immobilized and sustained damage to the left front tire and wheel.”

A law enforcement source sent D’Oench photos of the car showing a left front tire that was flat and a Sweetwater officer’s car beside it.

The Sweetwater report said the officer noticed a police patch on the dashboard and then an order for a tow was canceled. Because the vehicle was heavily tinted, an officer had the car unlocked to see if anyone was inside and discovered a “Doral Police Officers’s ID in the front passenger side.”

A Doral police officer was contacted who showed up with a supervisor and the ID was confirmed as valid and the vehicle was released.

The source told CBS4 that a police radio and equipment were inside the car and it was a police lease vehicle that Detective Johann Delgado was using.

Even though he was off duty, there are lingering questions about what happened to the car? It appeared it was in an accident. How did that happen?

CBS4 learned that Delgado called the Doral Collision Center which is used by police for their vehicles and asked that his car be towed there. It was. But before repairs could be done, Doral Police Internal Affairs Detectives swooped down on the business and had the car towed to police headquarters.

Delgado was taken off the street and relieved of duties.

Doral Police spokesman Rey Valdes said in a statement released to CBS4 that “We are deeply troubled by the allegations made against one of our own. The concerned personnel was relieved of his regular duties and the Doral Police Department has commenced an internal affairs investigation into this matter. In the interest of transparency, we are working with the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office. We have nothing further to add at this time.”

CBS4 also spoke with Delgado’s mother. She said he was a good cop and a good son.

She said, “This is awful. I have never had problems with him. He is an outstanding son. I have no complaints about him. Either do neighbors. Ask anyone that you want. He is a wonderful kid. He is very good. He is always thinking of the house. He’s always been responsible all his life. They are going to give him an award and recognize him in 2 weeks.”

Delgado has been honored before by the city, receiving a plaque after a ceremony.

There are lingering questions about the lease vehicle and what prompted Doral Police Internal Affairs detectives to move so quickly.

The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office was not able to comment because this is an ongoing investigation.

Peter D'Oench