By Ty Russell

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Police are investigating an armed robbery inside a Florida International University parking garage.

It happened on the MMC Campus at Parking Garage 6 at 112th Avenue and SW 8th Street.

According to the police, an FIU student went to a bank off-campus and was then confronted by an armed man in that garage. There was a struggle and the crook got away.

“This is a place of education, not a place to get mugged,” according to freshman Jasmine Lisboa.

The victim was said to be shaken up but is otherwise okay.

The robbery was captured on the garage’s surveillance cameras.



In the video you see the student pull into the garage, followed by a dark-colored Honda with two people inside. Then the driver gets out of the car, approaches the student and demands his money. He then robs him, gets back in the car and they drive off.

“I was on the same floor and wasn’t sure what happened,” said Lisboa.

She, like many of her classmates, learned about the hold up on social media.

Lisboa said it’s the first she’s heard of a mugging in the garage, but she said she and others have had their cars damaged by careless drivers.

“It needs better security systems, cameras, anything would help,” said Lisboa.

Overall, students say they feel safe on campus. They said there are plenty of police patrolling day and night.

Rocio Devine says she got an alert from the school when the robbery happened.

“I was in the library. We got a message not to approach. Then the ‘okay’ was given and everything was clear,” she said.

The FIU police department said this appears to have been an isolated incident. They’re asking anyone with information about the robbery to give them a call at (305)348-2626 or contact Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-8477.

Ty Russell