KISSIMMEE (CBSMiami/CNN) – Police officers sometimes make dangerous moves to get the bad guy.

Kissimmee police say two of their own wrongfully put an 18-year-old man at risk in their effort to detain him.

The man was accused of taking off with his girlfriend’s car and, when officers showed up to get his side of the story, he ran up onto the roof.

On body cam video, you can here two officers telling the suspect that he has to jump to get down. The suspect refused to jump from the nine-foot roof.

Police said Sgt. Anthony Amada, who was on the ground, repeatedly told Officer Plenio Massiah, who was on the roof, to push him.

“Push him off the roof. Push him off. Just push him off. Push him off,” Amada said.

Massiah eventually did push the man off the roof. When he hit the ground, Amada hit him with a Taser.

The police department launched an investigation. The department suspended Massiah for eight hours.

Amada later resigned.

The Internal Affairs report says he would’ve been fired for this case, because his order to push the man off the roof, “is not indicative of a supervisor with 14 years of experience.”