MIAMI (CBSMiami) — There’s a place inside Virgin MiamiCentral called La Estación American Brasserie where the food is just as “on track” as the trains themselves!

La Estación, which means “the station“ is a 240-seat, 10,000-square-foot restaurant and bar, created by the Juvia group featuring private event spaces, a fun decor, and a large open kitchen.

Guests can dine in the full-service restaurant, or “grab a sushi roll and go.” They can also grab a drink at the  bar or get coffee and dessert.

The food is all American, but there’s a hint of France in the dishes thanks to Executive Chef Pierre Morat.

“The idea was an American Brasserie atmosphere so we have some American most classic items, like sliders, pizza, roasted chicken but then we try to bring a French twist with some techniques,  especially in the sauces,” said Chef Pierre.

Cobb salad from La Estación American Brasserie (CBS4)

One of those classic dishes is the is the Cobb Salad and it is a best seller.

Here is Chef Pierre and CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo with today’s Digital Bite.


  • 1 chicken breast cooked & cuted in cubes season w/ evoo, salt & pepper
  • Bacon Bites
  • 5 soft boiled eggs
  • 1 mini cucumber sliced
  • 2 gem lettuces cut in half with LXV dressing
  • 200 gr gorgonzola cut in small pieces
  • 20 pcs cherry tomatoes cut in half w/ evoo, salt & pepper
  • 2 seasoned mashed avocados
  • 1 bunch of arugula


  • Season all the ingredients and combine them


  • 200 gr mayonnaise
  • 50gr heavy cream
  • 50 gr plain yogurt
  • 20 gr Dijon mustard
  • 50 gr onion powder
  • 10 gr garlic powder
  • 5 gr paprika
  • blend of chopped chives, parsley & dill
  • salt, pepper to taste


  • mix all the ingredients in a bowl with a whisk
  • keep refrigerated in jar


Lisa Petrillo