DAVIE (CBSMiami) – Davie Police say Jonathan King Jr., 26, held up a cab driver at gunpoint, pistol whipped him and demanded money one night this past August. Police say King got away the night of the crime but gave police the clue they needed to track him — information from a GPS monitor that he was wearing from a previous arrest.

“We were able to track his location, put him at the spot where this crime occurred and we have no doubt that it’s him,” said Davie Police Lt. Mark Leone.

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Surveillance cameras rolled inside the Yellow Cab and show the struggle. The video cameras show a man with his face covered holding the driver at gunpoint and repeatedly telling him, “Do not play with me!”

But the cab driver made it clear he had nothing to offer.

“I don’t have anything,” the driver said.

According to police, King told the driver he wanted to go to a Bank of America on University Drive and that’s where he demanded money and, during the struggle, shot the driver in the leg. The driver kept on driving.

“Drive me down and you good,” King is heard shouting at the driver on the video. “I won’t do nothing to you.”

The cabbie dropped King off near Nova Southeastern University, realized he was shot, drove a short distance further and called police.

“It’s pretty disturbing with how brutal and violent this guy is,” Leone said.

Police say King left behind a shirt and other items in the cab. Officers showed video from the NSU campus and from the cab to a longtime Davie Police officer who patrols the area where King lives. That officer identified King from the video, police requested King’s GPS monitoring information and discovered that King’s whereabouts on the night of crime matched the information on his GPS tracker.

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Police say King had that GPS monitor because of another violent attack — this one on Hallandale Beach Police officers. An arrest report says King was arrested on March 13, 2018 in Hallandale on a drug and gun charges. Once inside the agency’s booking facility, surveillance cameras captured a wild scene.

The episode begins with King resisting entering the police station. A short time later, he’s seen lightly kicking at the windows in his booking cell.

An officer tells him to stop.

The police report says the officer then went into the cell to handcuff King, but during a struggle King broke free from the officer and left the officer locked in the cell. At that point, a female officer tried to use a stun gun on King but he fought her, eventually throwing her into a chair. He grabbed the officer’s stun gun and tried to look in an evidence bag, possibly for his gun, according to the arrest report, but police say the gun was secured in evidence.

While that unfolded, the female officer pushed a button, freeing the trapped officer, who rushed out to pursue King into another room. In that room, the report says that officer used his stun gun on King with little effect. The pair fought, with King eventually falling to the ground and the officer, with backup surrounding him, using his baton twice to subdue him. Officers cuffed King and took him away.

A Hallandale Beach Police Spokesperson said none of their officers were injured in that attack. The agency said all security policies and procedures were followed.

King is facing numerous charges including two counts of battery on a law enforcement officer.

In the case involving the cab driver, the driver told CBS 4 News he’s recovering from being shot and plans to retire soon.

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CBS4 News reached out to King’s attorney, Patyl Oflazian, who is representing him on the cab driver case. She said the case is new and has not yet been filed by the Broward State Attorney’s Office. Oflazian said King is “innocent until proven guilty.”