By Ted Scouten

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – A SWAT team was called in after a man was shot in the Lakes Estates neighborhood of Fort Lauderdale neighborhood.

Police spokesman Casey Liening said the man was shot in a home at 2801 NE 57th Street just before 9:30 a.m. He was able to get outside and go to a neighbor’s house where he asked for help.

“He ran to a neighbor’s house, he knocked on the door and collapsed there. So when I went over there, the man was lying on the ground covered in blood and Omar was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher. I asked the homeowner to go inside and get a towel because he was bleeding but we didn’t know where the blood was coming from. So I took the towel and wiped some of the blood off of him to see where the bleeding was coming from and when I realized where he was bleeding from, on the right side of his head, then I took the towel and I put pressure there to keep the blood from coming out,” said Artis Rucker.

The man was taken to Broward Health Medical Center as a trauma alert.

“We heard helicopters first so my friend said he thought maybe there was something going on,” said Danielle Liberio who lives nearby.

Liening said police were trying to determine if the shooter could still be in the home. Police negotiators used a bull horn to try and communicate, a SWAT team was called in for assistance in case they had a barricaded subject.

“Our SWAT team responded, multiple call out efforts were made and unsuccessful. We eventually made entry into the residence where we found that individual deceased inside the residence,” said Liening.

Police are officially calling this a death investigation. They do not know what lead up to the violence. They tell us the two men lived together in the home, possibly father and son.

“They were not related by blood or by marriage. The individual in the hospital did call the individual at the scene dad,” Liening said.

Ted Scouten