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A yearly flu vaccine before the onset of influenza activity has been widely recommended for almost everyone ages 6 months and older.

We interviewed Dr. Gianni Neil from Chen Senior Medical Center to tell us more about the flu.

Olga Villaverde: Let’s talk about why you encourage so many people to get the flu vaccine.

Dr. Niel: We know that the influenza virus is a deadly virus. It is responsible for many deaths and hospitalizations not only in our seniors but really in our general population.

Olga Villaverde: How safe is the flu vaccine for the elderly, people 65 years and older, who maybe suffering from some complications?

Dr. Niel: The flu vaccine is very safe. If you are 65 and older and you have multiple medical problems it is even more important for you to receive the flu vaccine to prevent hospitalizations if you become exposed to the flu.

Olga Villaverde: Chen Senior Medical Center specializes in geriatric medicine. Tell us about the results for Chen Seniors who get a yearly flu vaccine as opposed to those who don’t.

Dr. Niel: Those who are unvaccinated were 1 ½ to 2 times more likely to end up in the hospital than those who are vaccinated during the flu season.

Olga Villaverde: Look at that. More reason to get one. Dr. Niel, let me ask you this question that so many people often wonder about. They get the flu vaccine, yet sometimes they hear they can still get the flu.

Dr. Niel: The flu vaccine does not prevent the flu 100% of the time, however it really does prevent you from having serious complications, hospitalizations, and even death.

Olga Villaverde: So bottom line, get the flu shot.

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