MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The Mega Yacht “Global” is getting loaded up, preparing to head out to Freeport, Bahamas, filled with food and water for Chef Jose Andres and his World Central Kitchen Organization.

“We’re feeding tens of thousands of people daily. I mean I don’t have an accurate count, but our kitchens are really cranking over there. People are really in hard need of food. We’re doing our best to feed. It’s a monumental task,” says Tim Lambert of World Central Kitchen.

The mission is to feed people in need.

Four truckloads of food will end up on the yacht, along with four more truckloads of water and a 1,500-gallon water tank.

Right now, the food is prepared in kitchens in Nassau and Freeport. The goal is to prepare meals on the spot.

“We’re going to do pop-up kitchens that will be using paella pans. Everything we’re using here is so we can get out and rapidly feed people,” adds Lambert.

Loading up the yacht is no easy task. Everyone is volunteering their time. It’s mostly off duty firefighters and police officers from Fort Lauderdale.

“We put a call out and they showed up. They’re awesome. It’s their time, they came to help. Everybody wants to help. We can’t all have boots on the ground in the Bahamas but we can certainly help by being here, doing our part,” said Fire Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr of Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue.

Capt. Johnny Robinson, who is volunteering and with family in the Bahamas, figures as a firefighter it’s his duty to help anyone in need.

Robinson comments on the hard work they are doing, “It’s not hard. It’s not hard when you’re helping people.”

Ted Scouten