NORTH MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) – Construction crews continue to dismantle a crane that crashed into a condo building Sunday in North Miami Beach.

The crane is attached to a barge which started taking on water around 10:30 p.m. Sunday. As the barge tipped to the side, the craned crashed into the building at 3750 NE 170th Street.

Eight units were forced to evacuate. A boom was placed in the water near the barge because it was leaking diesel fuel.

It’s been an hours-long process to remove it. Crews brought in a larger crane to suspend it, an underwater torch was used to sever it from the barge.

On Tuesday, the US Coast Guard said the vessel was still leaking diesel.

“It is still discharging. It’ll continue to discharge until it’s been removed, that’s pretty much the only way that you secure the source at this stage because you have water going into the fuel and pushing out any kind of product that’s in there,” said Tim Rowe, a marine science tech with the Coast Guard.

The boom has collected approximately five barrels of oily waste and discharge. The Coast Guard said they will remain on hand to oversee the process to ensure the crane is gone, any oil is prevented from getting into the coastal waters and the mega barge is safely uprighted and back afloat.