By Joan Murray

BROWARD (CBSMiami) – The Bahamas consul general spoke at the Broward Emergency Operations Center on Friday to ask for much-needed supplies that can help with rebuilding after Hurricane Dorian.

Broward Health workers spent the day loading box after box of supplies bound for the Bahamas.

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“We’re taking water, baby formula, rope, tarps. We have medical supplies, the standard medical supplies as well as portable toilets,” said Gino Santorio, president of Broward Health. “A lot of unique items that they ask for that we were able to procure and get to them.”

One of the unique items: insulin.

David Noble, who has a private plane, volunteered to take the insulin to Freeport. He’s been helping since the very beginning, and now said the biggest problem now is fuel.

“I got a paramedic and a truck. I’m just trying to fill his truck with supplies, medicine and food. He goes from house to house pulling people out,” Noble said. “I wanted to give food and clothes, water. That’s what they’re trying to do.”

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Even as relief efforts go on around the clock, Linda Mackey, the Consul General for the Bahamas, said there are short falls.

“It seems like things have been clogged and they’re just moving slowly. They’re working with what they have and the limitations and lack of resources at the time. So we just ask that you be patient,” Mackey said.

Mackey said the outlook is grim.

“Today, my attire is black. I am in mourning, today. We are moving from search and rescue to recover. The first 72 hours are the most crucial. Generally, when lives are not rescued within those hours, we know we are now moving into another phase,” she said.

Mackey, who spoke from the Broward Emergency Operations Center, said they are moving from asking for water and food to asking for supplies that can help in the rebuilding phase, which would involve tents, tarps and generators.

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Broward County Mayor Mark Bogen also announced that the Broward Emergency Operations Center is instituting a 311 number so residents know when and where they can donate supplies.