MELBOURNE, Fla. (CBSMiami/AP) – Clusters of sea turtle eggs have been exposed along Florida’s eastern seashore due to beach erosion from Hurricane Dorian’s whipping winds and walloping waves.

But not to worry, says the Sea Turtle Preservation Society.

Beachgoers who come across turtle eggs should not be too concerned by the exposed turtle eggs.

In fact, the group tells Florida Today that it’s a “banner year” for turtle nests.

The group’s chairman, Roger Pszonowsky, says there’s not much to be done because it’s all part of nature’s cycle.

Pszonowsky also says there haven’t been widespread reports of sargassum seaweed on beaches. That’s a good sign because too much of the seaweed after a storm isn’t good for baby turtles. The tiny turtles that manage to make it out to see sometimes get swept back onto beaches by clinging onto the seaweed.

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