MIAMI (CBSMiami) — In the third installment in the Fallen series, “Angel has Fallen” is a dramatic thriller that brings Gerard Butler back as Secret Service agent Mike Banning.

This time around Mike is living his worst nightmare. There’s an assassination attempt on the president played by Morgan Freeman, the man he’s trained to die for.

Suddenly, Mike has gone from being a hero to being accused and he’ll do anything to clear his name and save the country.

“What a warrior you are in this movie. You are a warrior in this film!” said CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo.

“Thanks so much. He is a bit of a Samurai our Mike. He is going through so many things. I think that’s me too. I was going through a lot with this character, and that’s what’s great about it,” Butler said.

The film also stars Nick Nolte as Mike’ s long-lost dad.

After years of physical labor, Mike isn’t at the top of his game at the exact time he needs to be.

“It is a non-stop hold-on to your seat film. Were you living this 24/7 when you worked on this?” Petrillo asked.

“There is an element of just throwing yourself in and going deeper and that what’s I do in these movies. He’s not really up to the job like he should be, and that’s an interesting Mike for me,” he said.

“Do you have to go through pre-training doing all of these stunts?” Petrillo asked.

“I feel like, in these movies, every day feels like a marathon. You wake up at 5 a.m. and you’re like ugh ugh, can I get through this? My body is killing me and then you go and do it again and again and I just love it,” he said.

Petrillo asked him what’s the best part of being in a film like this.

“That tenacity and being able to fight to the very end. That really does it for me. That “I’ll do what it takes attitude” is what even inspires me when I’m in the audience,” Butler said.

“Angel has Fallen” is now out in theaters.

Lisa Petrillo