NEW YORK (CBSMiami) – Three more of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged victims are suing his estate.

The lawsuits indicate how the Palm Beach financier and his associates allegedly used the young women’s financial worries to pull them into a web of sexual abuse.

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“We want to hold the Epstein organization to account first, it’s not primarily about money,” said attorney Stan Pottinger who represents 20 Epstein accusers, including the three women who filed civil lawsuits overnight.

“All of them are against the Epstein estate and various companies that he had as part of his scheme or syndicate or the organization that he had that helped him round up girls,” said Pottinger.

The lawsuit brought by “Lisa Doe” claims an Epstein associate hired “Lisa,” then 17, “…to teach a dance-based exercise class” at Epstein’s townhouse. In later interactions, Epstein allegedly solicited massages, “used a sex toy on her, forcibly…” and ultimately demanded that she “…go to her dance studio and find other dancers…”

The lawsuit filed by “Katlyn Doe” alleges Epstein sexually abused her when she was 17, and coerced her to “…lose her virginity to him” after she turned 18. It also claims Epstein forced her to marry an associate who wasn’t a US citizen so they could stay in the country to recruit more girls.

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The lawsuit brought by “Priscilla Doe,” who was 20 when she first met Epstein, is the only one to name his purported ex- girlfriend-turned-business associate, Ghislaine Maxwell. “Priscilla” claims Maxwell taught her “the proper way” to sexually pleasure Epstein while on a trip to his island in the Caribbean. It also alleges Epstein at one point confiscated her passport so she couldn’t leave the island voluntarily.

“Priscilla’s” lawsuit also mentions some of Epstein’s powerful friends. She said she once met the Sultan of Dubai with Epstein, and on another occasion, was forced to serve hors d’oeuvres at a private party Epstein had with director Woody Allen.

All three lawsuits take aim at Epstein’s fortune which his will, filed two days before suicide in a New York jail cell, reveals to be worth nearly $578 million. Epstein’s brother, Mark, is his only listed heir.

After Epstein’s suicide, the criminal sex trafficking charges against him effectively died. But Pottinger says the pursuit of justice is very much alive.

“On the criminal side with the government and it’s the civil side with various individuals. I think the government, while it has been taken off track briefly by this untimely death, I think that they’re not giving up,” he said.

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Maxwell has not been charged with a crime, and in the past, she has denied recruiting women for Epstein.