JACKSONVILLE (CBSMiami) – The Coast Guard has expanded its search for two missing boaters who didn’t return from their fishing trip.

Brian McCluney and Justin Walker left Port Canaveral on Friday and are believed to have traveled about 30 miles offshore.

They were expected to return home later that night but never did.

McCluney’s brother says the trip was supposed to be a final sendoff for the boat their father owned.

“Our dad passed away last month. He left a boat behind and we were trying to work out the kinks in the boat to sell it,” he said.

McCluney’s wife, Stephanie, said the boat has broken down before and she believes her husband is out on the water awaiting rescue.

“Mechanical issue on the boat. I’m guessing, mechanical, electoral. They’re just sitting there floating with no systems working right now, waiting to be picked up. Drifting,” she said.

The Coast Guard search now extends from Port Canaveral up to Charleston, South Carolina.