MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami-Dade police are investigating after two men were attacked by dogs early Wednesday morning.

It happened in a Brownsville neighborhood, near NW 24th Court and 52nd Street.

One man suffered a serious bite wound to his leg and ankle and was taken to a hospital.

Witnesses said he was viciously attacked.

Another man said when he saw the man on the ground bleeding, he went over to help. That’s when he was attacked.

“The next thing you know they started charging me. I started backing up and fell. And when I fell he just grabbed my ankle, he just started shaking my ankle. The other one was about to bite me but I started swinging at him as well. When they ran off, they ran over to the gentleman that was in the road there,” said Frank Beaver.

After fighting off the dogs, Beaver was able to run to a nearby truck for safety until medics arrived.

“I got some stitches in my ankle, he grabbed my ankle pretty good, he had a real nice hold on it,” he said.

Both dogs have been located.

Miami-Dade County Animal Control has identified one of the dogs as a Bull Terrier mix and the other an American Bulldog mix.

Both dogs were briefly put in the back of a county truck.

Animal services said there is an order in place for the animals to remain on the property and a dangerous dog investigation into the matter has started.

However, it appears none of the dogs have been removed from their homes, after one was seen sleeping in the back of a house late Wednesday morning.