CLEARWATER (CBS/CNN) – A Clearwater woman is finally getting some much-needed help after a big gator broke into her home earlier this year.

After the alligator shattered a large glass window and put some pretty big dents in the drywall on May 31st, Mary Wichhusen put in a claim with her insurance company. It was denied. Wichhunsen didn’t know what she was going to do.

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(Source: Clearwater Police Department)

Some members of the community learned of her plight and Peter Vetere decided to step up to help.

After checking out the damage, Vetere’s company Home Performance decided to replace Vichhusen’s window, and the one next to it so they would match, for free.

“Wonderful, wonderful, I thank everybody in the community, I thank everybody that came out to help me,” she said.

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The company is also patching up the drywall. In total, the repairs will come to about $10 thousand but they won’t cost Vichhusen a dime. Vetere is picking up the tab.

“It comes full circle cause what you give comes back to you,” said Vetere.

After thanking her new friend for his generosity, Vichhusen had something to say to her former unwanted house guest.

“Don’t come back!”

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