MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A lost piglet that didn’t go to the market, but was found wandering at a Broward high school on July 17 now has a new home.

Pembroke Pines police thought the piggie was somebody’s pet because of how friendly he was and they tried looking for his owner, but nobody ever came forward.

That’s until Beth Cohn of Southwest Ranches came along.

Cohn already owns four pigs so when news broke about a piglet up for adoption she was swamped with messages from friends who thought it was one of her pigs that had escaped.

She then decided to call the people fostering the piggie.

“I contacted the foster mom and she said she had so many people calling that want the pig to adopt it, so I told her just keep my name and I’ll just come and take a look at it,” said Cohn. “We have the same vet and everything, so with the foster mom we got along and she knew that I really took care of my animals and my pigs, so she decided that I was going to be the new mom.”

Cohn said it’ll take some getting used to for the animal, but she’s happy to welcome him to the family.

“He’s a little bit nervous, pigs don’t do well with change. But we’re just going to spend a lot of time with him, my kids, my husband, myself. He’s a part of the family,” she said.

Not only does the little guy have a new home, but he’s got a new name too and it has a lot to do with his ears.

Dumbo the Pig (CBS4)

“I told myself I have four pigs, I said no more pigs, but when I saw this cute little pig, Dumbo, we’re calling him Dumbo cause look at his ears they are so cute,” Cohn said. “I fell in love.”

Dumbo’s new mom said the piggie could grow to be about 600 pounds and she plans to slowly introduce him to the rest of her pigs.

But one thing is for certain, Dumbo’s future looks to be filled with lots of ‘hogs and kisses.’