MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Macy’s has removed a line of porcelain plates over complaints they promoted eating disorders.

The plates, designed by a company called Pourtions, feature three circles that appear aimed at reining in portion control.

The smallest circle showed how much to eat to fit into “skinny jeans”.

While the largest circle signified women who would need “mom jeans.” The middle circle is labeled “favorite jeans.”

Customers took to twitter to criticize the design.


Macy’s immediately removed the plates. Macy’s said the plates were only being sold in their store in Herald Square in New York.

However, the company is still selling the plates online.

“We feel very strongly about the positive, light hearted message conveyed by our glasses & plates. The response today has been overwhelmingly positive, including more interest in Pourtions & sales today than ever before,” President Mary Cassidy wrote in an email.

“As the creators of Pourtions, we feel badly if what was meant to be a lighthearted take on the important issue of portion control was hurtful to anyone. Pourtions is intended to support healthy eating and drinking. Everyone who has appreciated Pourtions knows that it can be tough sometimes to be as mindful and moderate in our eating and drinking as we’d like, but that a gentle reminder can make a difference.”