FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) — How much would you pay for a pair of sneakers? $50? $100?  $200?

How much would you pay for a rare, fresh pair of kicks just released by an NBA Superstar? $500. $1000?

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That is a question that all shoe collectors must decide and the best place to make those decisions is at Sneaker Con, which is considered the Super Bowl of sneaker selling.

Sneaker Con in Fort Lauderdale (CBS4)

Started in New York City in 2009, Sneaker Con hosts shows all over the United States and is now a global phenomenon. There are conventions in London, Melbourne, Singapore, and Montreal.

Sneaker Con recently held an event in Fort Lauderdale.

Sneaker Con in Fort Lauderdale (CBS4)

“Sneaker culture is for everyone, everyone wears sneakers,” said Dookie, owner of Nothing But Grails, an online sneakers and lifestyle boutique.

Welcoming all age groups, the object of Sneaker Con is to get the best deal for your dollar.

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“They come here trying to get steals, and what I mean by steals is getting a large amount of shoes for a low price,” explained Dookie.

Think of house flipping but with shoes. The object is to get the best deal and either keep or flip the shoe, depending on what you like.

Jack Milo, Solepeddler on Instagram, sold his entire stock of 130 pair of shoes for $13,000 just an hour into the show.

“We just worked out a deal with some wiggle room where he can make some money and I can make a little money and everybody is happy. It’s all gone man,” said Milo.

Sneaker Con in Fort Lauderdale (CBS4)

“It’s all about selling so you can get more inventory,” said Dookie.

So what do you call someone who attends an event like this? A sneakerhead: a person who collects, trades, or admires sneakers as a hobby.

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Sneaker Con comes to Fort Lauderdale once a year, check out for dates and info.