By Joan Murray

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – A man who was caught on camera attacking another man over a parking spot at a Hollywood hotel went before a judge on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, DeAndre Hampton, 21, surrendered himself to the police. He’s charged with aggravated battery on a person over the age of 65.

The attack happened Memorial Day weekend in front of the Shore View Hotel on Surf Road and was captured on surveillance video.

Police say it happened after the 69-year-old hotel owner, Rudy H., apparently asked Hampton not to park his car in a reserved spot outside the hotel. Hampton is seen on video repeatedly punching Rudy who falls to the ground.

“All I was doing was trying to protect myself, he almost knocked me out because he hit me so hard. And then it was just a matter of survival, I was just protecting myself, I didn’t know when it was gonna stop,” said Rudy.



Rudy said he suffered from double vision for a while after the attack.

During Wednesday’s hearing, prosecutors asked that Hampton’s bond be set at $50 thousand.

“All victims worry someone will come back, between that and the injuries he sustained he’s worried,” said Hollywood police Detective John Kid.

Hampton’s mother, Charlaine Marx, said she couldn’t afford that and explained that her son hadn’t been himself since the break up of her marriage.

“The loss has caused moments of depression and outrage, I feel like he’s suffering mentally, leading to this incident and the one in 20018 because the divorce took place in early 2018. He did not have any type of record like this, I don’t have a criminal record and I’m just asking that you have a little mercy on him,” she said.

The judge ruled that she had to use discretion because of the violence of the crime. Bond was set at $30 thousand and he was ordered to stay away from the hotel and not to have any contact with Rudy.