PERKINS TOWNSHIP, Ohio (CBS Local) — An Ohio man who was detained in the back of a police cruiser called 911 to complain he was hot and wanted the air conditioning turned up, according to authorities.

Keith Oshoski, 54, initially called 911 on Sunday to report that he had been assaulted by his estranged 17-year-old son in the parking lot of a shopping center, WJW reported.

During the investigation, Oshoski was placed in the back seat of a police car. Video from the officer’s body camera shows that he returned to the cruiser a few minutes later and checked on Oshoski.

“Are you getting enough air or do you need me to drop a window?” the officer is heard asking.

“No, I’m good,” Oshoski responded.

But minutes later, investigators said Oshoki used his cell phone to call 911.

“He has me in the back of the patrol car and he has no air on,” Oshoski is heard telling a 911 operator. “It’s shut off and the windows are up and I cannot breath. It’s very, very hot in here. I’m sorry to call you.”

The officer who was notified by dispatch returned to the cruiser and turned up the air conditioning for the Oshoski, making sure he was cool enough before heading back to their investigation, according to police.

Oshoski later told police that he tried to get the attention of the officers, but they could not see or hear him so that’s why he decided to call 911.

“I think he could probably could have knocked on the window to try to get the officer’s attention instead,” Perkins Township Chief Robb Parthemore told WJW. “I think 911 could be used for other resources, more important, more urgent resources.”

Authorities said Oshoski will not face any charges for calling for 911, but he and his son will be charged with disorderly conduct for the earlier incident in the parking lot.