MIAMI (CBSMiami) – ICE raids are expected in South Florida and in several other cities across the country.

The intention is for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to round up undocumented migrants.

The operations are expected to target those with final deportation orders.

Ahead of the planned raids, dozens of people were seen outside the immigration center in Miramar on Friday trying to get their paperwork in order.

The Florida Immigration Coalition has been working to make sure those migrants know their rights ahead of the planned raids.

About 2,000 people around the county are expected to be detained.

  1. Therese White says:

    I think once the courts have issued these migrants to be deported, the only rights they have is the right to appeal and if they missed their appeal date they do legally have to be deported when ICE comes. It’s unfortunate if they didn’t appeal and they could have stayed but maybe they still wouldn’t have made the appeal if they had broken some laws etc. So, everyone just needs to follow the laws. I don’t think they would have a “right” to EVADE the law. That sounds illegal. There are reasons that they are being deported because they have already been through our court system and the courts said no for a reason.