CLEARWATER BEACH (CBSMiami) – A woman looking to get revenge on her boyfriend tipped a Florida server $5,000, charging the entire bill to her boyfriend’s credit card.

It happened at Clear Sky Cafe, a beachside staple for tourists and locals alike.

“I had a great waiter, great staff today, so it was good,” said customer Tyler Kelly.

One server recently had a big reason to smile after receiving this massive tip, five grand on a $55 check.

“Wow, that’s that is crazy, I never heard of anything like that, maybe in the movies,” said Kelly.

The story most definitely has a plot twist worthy of a Hollywood script.

Police said Serina Wolfe, 24, used her boyfriend’s credit card to leave a “revenge” tip.

“That’s pretty petty but I get it, how it could happen, but definitely give the money back,” said customer Sonia Lewis.

Wolfe’s boyfriend reported the charge as fraud, telling investigators she was drunk or trying to get back at him for not buying her plane ticket back to New York.

Police say Clear Sky Cafe already paid out the waitress. When asked if it was hers to keep, the restaurant’s management didn’t give an answer. Restaurant customers were split on if she should keep the tip.

“Yeah, it’s not her fault, I feel kind of bad,” said one woman,

“Yes, they should allow her to keep it,” said another man.

“I don’t think she should keep the tip, even though it’s heartfelt, it’s just not honest where it came from,” Lewis.

Wolfe, who denied making the purchase, has been charged with grand theft.

  1. There are always two sides to every story, the truth and what others what is to believe.