MIAMI (CBSMiami) – When most people think of Florida, hot sunny afternoons, beaches and theme parks come to mind.

But Florida can be really wild – when it comes to wildlife that is.

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Alligators, iguanas, foxes, and raccoons are pretty common, but we also have some more exciting residents.

On their Instagram account, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission posted a picture of a bobcat staring into the window of a home at a curious dog inside.

Bobcats grow to be about twice the size of a domestic cat. They can be found throughout Florida, mainly in deep forests, swamps, and hammock land.

Bobcats hunt by sight and usually at night. Seeing a bobcat during the day is not uncommon, however, because they sleep for only 2 to 3 hours at a time. In Florida, squirrels, rabbits, and rats are their primary prey. Occasionally, a bobcat will take a feral cat or domestic chicken.

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Bobcats are stealthy animals and not often seen even though their numbers are abundant. Catching even a fleeting glimpse of this secretive and beautiful creature can make anyone’s day.